Document management storage solutions 

Post Partner document management storage solution provides a space in which any archived documents can be stored securely. The service includes document collection by courier, cataloguing and shelving at our premises, storing in the correct conditions through to the point that you need the documents back or destruction of the documents (if they become time expired). All documents can be scanned as they are put into the store or on demand at any time. They can also be returned physically on a next working day basis. 

Benefits of storing your documents with Post Partner

  • Cost saving, it is much more cost effective to store your records off site rather than paying office rent and rates.
  • More space, with less filing, you will have more space to either expand your business or simply provide a better environment for your staff.
  • Peace of mind, your records are kept safe and secure within a purpose designed
    and fully monitored facility.
  • Convenience, you records can be collected or retrieved at times convenient to you. Although you are separated from your records, you still control exactly what happens to them.
  • Important documents cannot be lost, damaged or stolen.