Storage of legal documents such as Wills, Deeds and Power of Attorney documents 

Perhaps more than any other sector the legal profession need to be completely compliant with all data protection laws. The introduction of new GDPR regulations in 2018 has made it more important than ever to ensure all legal documents, files, contracts and records are appropriately stored and easily retrieved.

Storing and managing legal documents on-site can be impractical and can lead to office spaces becoming cluttered and disorganised. Cataloguing and managing legal records is very time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. This is far from ideal for professional law companies who are processing large quantities of confidential information in an office with already limited space.

Post Partners physical storage of legal documents is for law firms to store their Wills, Deeds and Power of Attorney documents. Even though we live in an increasingly digital age, the original paper copies of these documents still need to be kept in a physical form (as well as digital). It is imperative that such legal documents are securely stored, in the correct ambient condition protected against fire and flood but still be easily accessible. 

Post Partner can will scan all your legal archives allowing you to pull up a digital copy on demand alongside being able to get the physical copy of records within 24 hours. Furthermore when we scan documents such as Wills we will create a marketing database so that clients can be reminded in a timely fashion when documents need updating.

All documents are stored within fire resistant containers and can also be humidity controlled. Before putting documents into store they can be sorted and scanned. Clients can be encouraged to update them if necessary. If documents have been stored and not scanned they can be retrieved and scanned at short notice. Alternatively physical documents can be delivered back to you the next working day.