All businesses will use some form of documentation. Your business may file invoices, employee information, client information, legal documents, financial statements or many other forms of paper documents that you need to keep and store in a secure place. However minimal this may be, keeping these documents archived in a paper form can run some risks that you may not want to take. In a technologically advancing society, businesses are capitalising on new efficient digital technologies that are allowing them to streamline their procedures to new levels of efficiency and to lower their costs.

Here are 6 reasons why your business should think about turning your paper documentation into high-quality digital copies that can be stored on a secure digital indexing system.

1) More Efficient and Less Time Consuming

Paper documents are less efficient and more time consuming to sort through and handle than digital documents. If your business were to create a high-quality digital copy of these documents early in its process, the paper documents would only need to be handled this one time. After the initial sorting and digitisation of these documents, anyone who needs to find these files thereafter can do so quickly and easily by opening the digital file rather than having to go through physical files and sort through all the paper. This will save a gigantic amount of time and effort for employees and will no doubt boost productivity and efficiency across the business. It is therefore not only in the interests of the employees to have documents digitised early in the process, but also for the employer.

2) More Secure and Less Likely to Lose or Damage

Paper documents are less secure and easier to lose or damage in postage than digital documents. If your business does not create a digital copy of its important documents early in their process, it is quite possible that some of these documents may get lost or damaged. If your business is required to pass documents around, you may have to post them to a different location/office. There is a good chance that if you do this in quite large numbers, some of these documents will be damaged or lost in transit. If your business were to create a high-quality digital copy of the documents you receive and need to keep for these purposes, it would massively reduce the chance of your documents being lost, and pretty much completely remove the chance of them being damaged.

3) Less Manual Labour Means Happier Employees!

More manual labour is required to handle paper documentation and so it is harder for employees to sort than digital documents. An important aspect of business is to streamline operations and make them easier for the professionals working within. The manual labour required to archive physical documents and going through all the physical files and long statements or contracts, just to find a document is very unnecessary. Kindness is important for business, and the morale of the people working in business should never be neglected. As a business owner, you should be asking your employees what YOU can do to make their job easier. Doing this won’t just improve the lives of those working for you, but will also make your business work more productively and efficiently. Everyone wins!

4) Easier to Access Remotely

It is much easier to access documentation on a secure digital archive as it can be accessed instantly and remotely around the globe. Instead of posting physical paper documents, a digital copy of a document can be sent instantly to any geographical area. This leads on from previous points. Because businesses in the modern world are more geographically spread, this requires much more remote working and long-distance communication and distribution of documentation (especially after COVID-19). The economy will no doubt see a permanent increase in remote working after the pandemic, and therefore access to documents remotely has become more important in business than ever before. Having paper documents archived digitally will allow all employees within a given business who are working remotely to have access to these documents from home or from long distances.

5) Cost-saving

It is cheaper to retain digital documents over the archive cost of paper documentation, especially if your business required large-scale storage of documentation. This could save you having to rent archiving warehouses. If a business was required to archive a large number of paper documents, it may have to rent land/buildings to hold all of these documents in. If this business instead were to have their paper documents digitised, they would save large amounts of money on storage/archiving costs. An iPad costs a little less than a building site! Additionally, if your business has multiple offices and needs a way of sending documents from one office to another, transport costs can be completely removed when documents can be accessed remotely.

6) More Environmentally Friendly!

If you have high quality digital documents scanned early in the process, you will not need to print many physical copies afterwards, which means you will use considerably less paper in the long term. Moreover, similarly to a previous point, if your business needs to send documents from office to office, having these documents digitised can completely remove the need to use transport. This will not only reduce costs, but also reduce your carbon emissions!

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