Case Study: Donn & Co

When we think of law firms, we’re transported back to a Dickensian style office with paper files stacked high. Modern day, busy law firms need to comply with data protection and GDPR laws, meaning they can no longer have stacks of paper with personal information piled around the office. It seems this old-fashioned way of working, is no longer fit for purpose.

A businessman in an office removing a document from a scanner

To move away from this archaic stereotype, Donn & Co LLP have embraced the 21st Century and become more digitally minded, enabling their processes to be more up-to-date and efficient. Allowing them to increase the amount of conveyancing work they do.

Post Partner, powered by Brother is one of the solutions Donn & Co have implemented. Sharon Petford, partner at the firm explains how the new technology has taken a fiddly, time consuming task of scanning the daily post and placed it into a more streamlined and efficient process.

“Previously, our assistants would spend vast amounts of time at a multifunction printer, that everyone in the firm wanted to use at the same time, scanning each piece of correspondence in manually. This process alone was time consuming but add into the mix others wanting to use the printer, or clients coming into reception meant the task took even longer than it needed to. The number of hours lost just doesn’t bear thinking about. After scanning the mail, the assistants then went to the computer, opened the files, re-named them and stored them in the correct folder.

“The number of documents we process is very high. Just one case file cold has numerous letters, contracts, property information forms, planning and building regulations, compliance paperwork and more, so it takes a long time to scan and save that volume manually,” explained Sharon.

Donn & Co implemented the Brother ADS-3600W scanner and Post Partner, enabling the assistants to scan multiple documents at once and name them at the time of scanning. All of this is done on a stand-alone device, meaning the only interruption would be clients entering the office. However, once the scanner was set up to go, the assistants could just leave it to do its thing.

Sharon explained: “I estimate it’s made our scanning processes 50% faster. It saves a lot of fee earner and administration time, boosting our productivity here at Donn & Co.

“Human error has reduced too, as you can physically see the document you’re naming then and there. The system saves it to a specified folder, making it easier to drag and drop into the appropriate case file.”

The arrival of new technology can sometimes have an adverse effect on employees, but Sharon says the team at the law firm only see the positives.

A scanning machine in an office environment

“The scanning solution is quick and reliable and is extremely user friendly – staff don’t need an awful lot of training on it. It’s self-explanatory and just takes a couple of clicks. Add on the fact that we haven’t had any major issues with the process makes the team more comfortable keeping them motivated.”

So, what’s next for the firm? As it currently stands, they use the stand-alone Post Partner, powered by Brother system, which means employees are saving and manually putting documents into case files. The next step for them is to trial the fully integrated version which will see the scanned documents saved directly to their case management system.

“Getting everything, we scanned linked directly to our case management system would be another big time saving and accuracy boost as this would cut out another step for us and mean we could concentrate on other tasks,” added Sharon

Post Partner, powered by Brother can help streamline your daily post routine for as little as £3.28 per day. This includes everything needed for quick and easy scanning: hardware, software and bespoke programming.