Invoice Scanning

Post Partner Invoice is a service whereby invoices can either be scanned in or taken from an email and placed onto your system. The software uses OCR technology to automatically identify the common data elements, in an invoice such as supplier, date, amount, invoice number, vat, etc.. taking the time out of manual processing.

Any organisation that receives a large number of invoices can benefit from Post Partners Invoice processing technology. The more data from each invoice that you are hand keying into your accounting software the more benefit you can get from each page you automate. 

This service can be either in house or outsourced.

The process of converting a paper invoice to live data in your accounting system is as follows:

  • Paper is prepped for scanning (unfolded, staples removed, etc.)
  • Invoices are scanned on a high-speed document scanner
  • Scanned invoices are recognized with OCR
  • Relevant data is located using keywords & other layout elements
  • Questionable fields are displayed to a data entry operator for manual verification & correction
  • In advanced systems, corrected fields are used to train the template automatically so that data is captured correctly the next time
  • Once all errors are corrected, data is exported directly to your accounting software’s database.

Invoice Scanning Workflow

Integration Benefits:

  • Automatically capture and process invoices from multiple sources including email, E-Invoice or scanned hardcopy.
  • Reduce the costs, errors and time associated with manual invoice processing.
  • Apply multiple exception rules. e.g. Invalid supplier, invalid or no order number, duplicate invoice, bank details mismatch.
  • Convert invoices to text searchable PDF’s from scanned invoices or email attachments.
  • Automatically manage approval workflows and route exceptions for review.
  • Pay your suppliers on time and avoid late payment fees.
  • Cloud deployment options available for certain workflows.