Professional Document Scanning Helps Keep Data Secure

A businessman in an office using a scanner

It’s paramount that legal firms start to adopt the new digital ways of working.

Not only because the digital age has crept into most people’s lives on a daily basis, but also because new legislation dictates that certain steps must be taken to protect people’s information.

Legal firms hold a huge array of personal information. The stereotypical Dickensian view is that when you walk into a law firm you are greeted by mounds of paper and stacks of folders, all of which hold personal information.

Every day, more paperwork is arriving which means keeping on top of the process of ensuring it’s scanned in and filed away correctly – helping firms to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Law – is often time consuming and fiddly.

Post Partner, powered by Brother offers a professional document scanning service that gives the user a quick way of scanning and processing paper post to your computer – enabling you to correctly file both the electronic and paper copy securely.

Having paperwork on desks, is now a big no no. So after the document has been scanned in, filing it away is also vitally important.

The information security standard ISO27001 requires firms to adopt a ‘clear desk policy’, whereby all management and employees should not have confidential documents continually in view for anybody to see. Post Partner’s scanners aid your disaster recovery policy as it provides a controlled, safe and secure framework when handling any business information – and demonstrates your data protection efforts, while adhering to ISO27001 and GDPR regulation.

With all your confidential documents digitised, subject access requests will be able to be dealt with swiftly and with ease as the document(s) can be located within a few clicks. Controlled access to the data can also be enabled with planning permission levels for staff – keeping confidential information out of view of those who are not permitted.

Adopting new digital ways of working, also means implementing and embedding a cyber security culture. Afterall, you need to protect the electronic information you have. Post Partner’s pioneering document scanning solutions protect the security, quality and legal integrity of the data you hold in the firm.

Video: Demo of Post Partner Complete which integrates with case management systems including Redbrick Solutions.