Post Partner worked closely with Sort Legal to develop a tailored ‘In House’ solution to streamline their daily post management.

“As a growing business, Sort Legal was becoming inundated with post which was consuming hours each day for several team members.

Implementing Post Partner allowed us to streamline the processing of post, ensure all documents were attached to the right file in Redbrick and supply a processing station to each of our teams reducing congestion around our printers and scanners. 

Post Partner continue working with Redbrick to enhance and simplify the process which will offer us further gains in the future.”

– Matt Ratcliff, Chief Technology Officer

Post Partner was able to assist Convey Law through the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The inclusion of Post Partner as part of our strategic vision has proven to be an excellent decision, and in ways we couldn’t have predicted.

Fee earners working remotely due to the lock down restrictions have had quick and easy access to the daily post via our case management system, enabling transactions to proceed without unnecessary delay.

This will continue to be crucial functionality for us as we embrace the ‘new normal’, which we anticipate will involve a good deal of remote working.

We also predict that being jolted into this way of working by the pandemic will actually significantly accelerate our journey to becoming a genuinely ‘paper-less’ office in the coming months”

– Adrian Harrow, Convey Law

I can recommend the combined services of Post Partner and Best Practice Law very highly when it comes to digitisation projects requiring real care and attention. 

Their management team were quick to understand our requirements and the sensitivity of the data we hold. They were fully informed from a data protection point of view and were able to deliver the project efficiently. 

The job was done ahead of time on budget and with a minimum of disruption to our operation. 

“Post Partner collect our post each day, shortly after the post man arrives. It is taken to their offices and then accurately scanned, indexed, and dropped into the correct matters in our case management system (Proclaim) the same day. 

In terms of matching documents to matters they have exceeded expectation by some margin. 

They have taken the trouble to grapple with the SRA’s regulations and provided us with a Barrister’s opinion to demonstrate the compliance of their operation. 

I can also highly commend the Post Partner team for responsiveness which has been important in set-tling any nerves in terms of outsourcing this important function. It has given the senior leadership team a lot of confidence for moving forward. 

We intend that Post Partner will be a key strategic partner in helping us become a truly ‘paper light’ organisation in the coming months.” 

(Peter Hibbitt – Vincents Solicitors, Preston)